Why Flat Roofing Is Difficult


You can probably imagine how difficult steeply sloped roofing must be. It often requires special platforms and harnesses for even professional roofers to safely work on. However, flat roofing can also be surprisingly difficult. Keep reading to learn why flat roofing may be just as difficult as sloped roofing.

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Flat roofing may not be physically difficult to work with. However, it comes with different regulations that most people don’t know about. This means that many people actually have illegal flat roofs that need to be replaced. That is right, many roofs below a certain grade can not be made out of shingles at all. This is because the water starts to pool on shingles when the roof is not sloped enough. This can cause major issues as the water begins to soak through the roofing. This may lead to mold and structural issues within the beams of the roof. Therefore, flat roofs need to be made out of another material such as metal. Many times, it takes a professional roofer to be familiar with such stipulations. This is just one of many reasons why you should consider hiring a roofer.


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