Police Taser Woman In The Middle of Florida Walmart


Recently, a woman was arrested for pulling a knife on someone in Walmart. In fact, the incident took place right in the middle of one of the main isles. It seems likely that she was on some drugs to make such a questionable decision. The police were quickly called and got involved. In this video, you will see how they dealt with the situation and arrested the woman.

Video Source

She may need bail services to get out of this pickle.

The officer in the video attempted to communicate with the woman throughout the whole situation. He repeatedly told the woman to put the knife down. Yet, the woman refused to do so. We can only speculate as to why the woman would not put down the knife. However, the fact that she was mumbling incomprehensive words lends to the theory that she was likely on drugs. Regardless, the woman was posing a significant threat to the officers and the bystanders at this Walmart. Thankfully, one of the officers had a taser and used it on the woman. In a second, the lady was down on the ground. This made it easy for the officers to arrest the lady without any further violence.


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