Common Causes of Corroded Piping


Most of us have seen copper piping with mint green marks on them. Unfortunately, this is a normal occurrence with copper piping. This is because copper piping easily corrodes under the right conditions. In this video, you will learn about some of these conditions.

If the corrosion is bad enough, you risk leaks and further damage. This is why you should have a professional do plumbing repair right away. You may be tempted to do it yourself, but this often leads to more mistakes.

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For example, if the pipes are not soldered together perfectly, it can make the pipes susceptible to future corrosion. Other amateur plumbers leave too much flux on the pipe after the soldering process. This can also lead to corrosion as it breaks up and accumulates inside the piping.

One of the other major culprits is the water itself. Water in your water heater always attempts to dissolve exposed metal. That is why there is a metal anode rod to take the brunt of this attack. However, it needs to be replaced regularly to work. Otherwise, the water may dissolve the metal along the interior. This leaves metal particles in your water that will corrode your copper piping.


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