You May Be Surprised How Glass is Made


We use more glass than ever in history in these modern times. Glass is used for the screens of all of our electrics. In fact, you are likely using a glass screen right now. If you turn to your left, you may be looking out a glass window. Glass, has become commonplace today.

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However, it was not always this way. There was a time long ago before the ancient Egyptians started creating their glass artifacts. Now, we use glass from everything from windows to glass door replacement. However, do we really understand glass? In this video, you will learn more about glass.

The basics of glass manufacturing are not that difficult. Sand is collected and then heated up to very high temperatures in a furnace. Molten glass is the result of this process. This is an important product because molten glass can be poured into molds. It is also malleable and can be bended into specific shapes as well. Though this process is simple, it can take hours to complete. A lot of hard work goes into making glass. Now that you better understand the process, you can better appreciate incredible material that is glass.


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