What to Know Before Becoming an HVAC Technician


If you are considering a career as an HVAC technician, you should know what the job entails. In this video, you will hear first-hand accounts of what it is like working in the field.

First, you need to decide whether you will be an HVAC installer or technician.

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An installer is tougher on the body while being a technician is harder on your mind. Next, you should be prepared to budget your money. HVAC tends to have more demand in certain seasons. During the winter, services aren’t in as high of a demand, which means there won’t be as many opportunities for work. During the busier summer season, you may have to work more, potentially 6 days a week, to meet the increase in demand.

It may come as a surprise to many, but you have to sell products as an HVAC employee. Whether it is upgrades for a furnace or just routine maintenance services, there may come a time where you have to branch out as a salesman.

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