Being a General Contractor


In this video, you will learn about becoming a general contractor and what the job entails. It is not as easy you think. You must understand every division of construction and site work.

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You have to understand the inner workings such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects. Being the general contractor requires a wide knowledge of so many different areas. You must satisfy your client while effectively managing the subcontractors that are working underneath you.

General Contractors are typically the business owners as well. They are responsible for processing all paperwork, payments, and making sure all necessary permits and legal documents are in order. Construction is an extremely hard industry to manage, just because there are so many moving parts. It is constant problem solving when you sign up to be a general contractor. Gaining experience is the best way to truly learn the industry and gain applicable knowledge. If you can handle a constant learning experience, as well as a stressful workload, general contracting may be the right career for you.

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