How Many Trade Jobs Are There for High School Dropouts?


Are you one of the millions of people wondering how many trade jobs are there for people without a degree? Skilled people can acquire many jobs without a degree or even a diploma. Some of these jobs and even businesses pay top dollars.

Therefore, if you are a high school dropout or for whatever reason you were unable to obtain your diploma, note that all’s not lost. All listed jobs may appear to be out of your reach. Don’t stress! Alternatives are available in the event you have no plans to pursue a diploma over the short term.

It’s all about the strategy, and we’re going to give you techniques you can use to find your opportunities and a number of ideal jobs available, even without being a high school graduate. As you try to determine how many trade jobs are there that suit you, you can always sign up to receive job information that you believe matches your skills and goals on a job site.

First, you have to prepare. Here are a few things you to do as you get started on your job search.

Establish a plan: Not having a diploma should not let you feel limited in terms of achieving your professional goals. Think about the things that you enjoy doing as well as the proficiency level you currently possess. What are your aspirations for the next decade?

Build your skills: Based on what you want to do, what skills will you need to a) get in the door; and b) succeed in that field and capture future opportunities? Try taking an online class to improve your software skills or learn basic computer skills like coding. Your skills can be your best asset in a job hunt, so it’s essential to put as much care and effort into building them as you can.

Frame your resume well: Your most tremendous opportunity to formulate your competency description is through your resume. Instead of focusing on what you lack, design your resume around what you have (skills, experience, etc.). There are many resume templates online that you can utilize to help you create the perfect one.

Next, the hunt itself. Where should you look for how many trade jobs are there if you didn’t graduate high school? Let’s look at a few of the most suitable jobs for high school dropouts with the most potential:

Truck Driver

A lot of job openings for truck operators express a preference for applicants who graduated from high school, however, the most significant factors are the requisite driver’s license and a driving record without blemish.

When you don’t have a high school diploma or equivalent, it is still possible to sign up for training opportunities to develop the essential abilities and experience to get your trade underway.

The median salary is 40,260 dollars per year, or $19/hour, per the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. This is usually one of the top areas when contemplating how many trade jobs are there for skilled people without a diploma.

Home Health Aide

Working as a live-in care specialist is a great option when looking at how many trade jobs are there for people without a diploma. While this may not be the most glamorous job around, it can be a great way to get into the booming healthcare industry if you have an excellent bedside manner.

Home health aides are responsible for visiting patients in their homes and giving assistance with everyday movements and activities such as eating, taking a bath, administering medication, and moving around.

The live-in care job median salary is 22,000 dollars each year, or $10.54 hourly, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for home health aides is predicted to grow by about 38% by 2024.

Construction Worker

How many trade jobs are there? This should have been at the top of the list. If you’re good with your hands and can do the heavy lifting, construction can be a lucrative career path with many growth opportunities.

Workers in the construction field are able to do jobs for municipalities, agencies, and private entities that encompass contractors who work on a project-to-project basis.

The median earnings in the construction field are $30,900 per year, or $14.85 per hour, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for construction workers is predicted to grow by about 13% by 2024.

Food Service Manager

Still, wondering how many trade jobs are there that match your skills? If you’re willing to put in your time in the foodservice trenches as an entry-level employee, getting on the managerial track is a solid opportunity for your future. It’s an arena that’s always employing new people regardless of the economic state.

Many people have begun as food delivery service employees and moved up the ranks rapidly. It doesn’t matter where you start; it’s the ambition that will determine where you reach.

The median salary is 48,700 annually, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for home health aids is predicted to grow by about five percent by 2024.


There are so many options in the field of cosmetology. You can be a hairstylist, colorist, hair treatment specialist, make-up artiste, braid specialist, and the list goes on. Who wouldn’t want to help make the world a more attractive place?

Both barbers and hairdressers are required to fulfill an accredited training and licensing program. Still, in many states, you can do this while completing your GED simultaneously or without one.

The pay: Median salary of $23,710 per year, or $11.40 per hour, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The need for construction workers is predicted to grow by about 13% by 2024. This is high on the list of how many trade jobs are there.

AC Repairs

Talk about how many trade jobs are there, and HVAC/AC repairs fit in nicely on the list in terms of availability and earnings. The minimum requirement for beginning a career as an HVAC technician is usually a high school diploma or GED. However, there are apprenticeship programs.

Once you’ve gained an HVAC certificate, getting me tired by a trained technician is often requested by prospective employers to prove your capability before you can do unsupervised duties.

However, a lot of employers will take on an apprentice as a well-capable technician, forsaking any management or mentorship requisite that might pertain to technicians who did not assist as amateurs.

The median salary is $50,590, and job growth (2019-2029) is four percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Auto Repairs

An auto mechanic fixes vehicles and does diagnostic tests on them. Many do maintenance on huge automobiles, and some focus on four-wheel-drive vehicles. Others fix vehicle parts as their specialty, from brakes to transmissions and engines. Other obligations entail:

  • Conducting regular vehicle upkeep, comprising the addition of fluids or adding lubricants to specific parts.
  • Inspecting each vehicle’s operating system and fix or update if necessary
  • Rotating or changing tires
  • Providing accurate price quotes for work, including the cost of parts and labor
  • Keeping comprehensive records on the work completed for each customer
  • Making sure all tools and equipment are functional and in good condition

Auto Mechanics made a median salary of 42,000 dollars back in 2019, while the top 25th percentile earning was more than fifty-six thousand dollars that same year. Meanwhile, while the lower 25th percentile earned more than thirty-one thousand dollars. Auto repairs fall on the list of how many trade jobs are there with good earnings for people without a diploma.

Roofing Contractors

Residential roofing involves replacing, repairing, and installing the roofs of buildings and fits perfectly onto the list of how many trade jobs are there for people without diplomas.

Working on a roof can demand a lot from an individual physically, as it entails doing a lot of lifting, and multiple position changes, many times in sweltering weather. Roofers may work overtime to finish a particular job, especially during the busier summer months.

Regardless of the fact that the majority of roofers get their education and expertise on the job, a few may join the vocation by way of an apprenticeship program. There are no distinct schooling requirements for roofers.

The median salary per year for roofers is 42,000 dollars. The continued hiring of roofing contractors and workers is expected to heighten by two percent over the next two decades. That is a slower rate than the average for all occupations. Also, openings are expected to occur from the requirement to replace laborers or employees who go on retirement or exit the profession for different causes.


Plumbing is a high-demand field, and the most recent Labor Board figures indicate an expansion expectation of twelve percent over the next decade. This is an ideal trade for constant and decent income when looking at how many trades are there. This job is especially significant if you offer 24/7 service.

Earning chances are also favorable, with a median yearly salary of 51,500 dollars. However, one of the most attractive things to a job seeker searching how many trade jobs are there to begin a career as a plumber is the opportunity for independent business ownership.

Medical Supply Store

Various kinds of medical specialists, from vets to nurses and optometrists, prefer certain items to carry out their tasks. Numerous medical merchandise is purchased from niche companies that specialize in one particular type of equipment.

Though many sizable medical merchandise businesses, it is entirely feasible for a little independent medical goods business to acquire success in this enterprise. If you’re looking to start a retail business and work in the healthcare industry, consider creating a medical supply company.

Focus on a specific market for your medical supply company. For instance, you could sell your goods to people who work as home health aides or companies that carry out those services. Also to nurses, dental workers, and even senior care facilities.

Contact your state’s public health department or medical board to find out if you need to be licensed to sell the types of medical equipment you’re interested in carrying.

Obtain the permits required in your city and state to start a retail business.

Lease a temperature-controlled commercial warehouse to store your inventory, or use an extra room/closet space that you have and dedicate solely to keeping your medical supplies.

Gross sales in this industry average 140 thousand dollars per employee. Another method is to multiply the square footage of your showroom by $800 per square foot per year. Many home health medical supplies stores break even by the end of the first year, producing up to 400 thousand dollars in profit after the third year, thanks to these figures and low ongoing costs.


An arborist is a great career to look at for how many trade jobs are there. They earn an average of $38 per/hour and perform a variety of tasks.

They may also be responsible for climbing medium to tall trees. Climbing a tree requires a high level of skill to be safe, so those who climb trees are often highly skilled in this field.

Arborists are also known as tree surgeons because they must not only remove dead limbs and prune trees as required, but they must also monitor the health of the trees under their care and make treatment recommendations.

Environmental adjustments, such as introducing an invasive species or another dangerous environmental feature, must also be considered by these professionals.

They may also plant trees to promote additional growth in addition to ensuring the health of a tree. Those who work in this field can spend a lot of time outside and be exposed to the elements.

Final Thoughts

When you contemplate how many trade jobs are there for high school dropouts, you’ll realize that entrepreneurship opportunities are there as well. Therefore, don’t be frustrated if you don’t have your diploma. The things to do now are to make sure you’re searching for how many trade jobs are there and find the right ones that fit your skills and objectives.

Online career sites are excellent resources for finding jobs that are a good fit for your skills.

You can also get new work openings sent to your inbox as soon as they are released, ensuring that you never miss out on the perfect opportunity.

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