Understanding How Portable Restroom Rentals are Serviced


Engaging in portable restroom rentals is something that many folks need when hosting events or having large construction done on a property. According to the video, there are two services that you can expect with your rental, and those are full service and partial service. With the full service, several steps include disinfecting the portable restroom rentals, prewashing, pumping out the contents, priming it for the next use, drying it out, and then restocking the unit.

Video Source

At the end of this service, they are dated and reviewed by a technician for that company to ensure the service is complete.

The partial services happen between the full service and follow a full-service detail, minus the pumping part of the facility. This is usually the case when something is blocking the portable restroom rentals that makes pumping impossible to do at that time and will need to be done on the next service. The technician will take note of how full the rental is, and let the customer know in case they need to come back sooner, rather than later to have that service done. You don’t want to have anything blocking your rentals, because you don’t want multiple partial services in a row.

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