The Interesting Techniques of Facade Restoration Services


New facade restoration services have gone to using different types of mortar according to this video. You’ll want to make sure that you’re taking care of a building, especially those of historical importance. The traditional mortar is still used, but there are also some new mortar options that can reinforce the foundation and maintain repair on older buildings.

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Buildings that are several hundred years old must have some type of facade restoration service at least once every 10 years. You’ll see signs of the mortar needing to be replaced due to the condition of the building. If the mortar turns to dust, it’s time to have it redone.

If you don’t take advantage of the facade restoration services for these buildings, they can cause the brick on the building to break down and cause foundation issues. Depending on where the building is located, this can happen faster, especially if there is a subtropical climate with lots of humidity in the air. Some buildings with drier climates can last a little longer and have that dust look. This means that the bricks have been protected, but it’s now time to update the mortar and continue this process so that the buildings are restored for another 100 years.

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