How to Install Office Cubicle Partitions


An open-plan office is great if your team needs to communicate with each other during operations. However, partitions may be more suitable if you’d like to create cubicles for employees. Here is how to install partitions in their office space to create small sections that function as cubicles.

Office Cubicle Installation

Start by clearing the space where you’ll install the cubicles, ensuring the floor is stable and free of dirt and debris. Then, collect the tools you’ll need for your office cubicle installation.

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For this job, you’ll need a screwdriver, wrench, and possibly a drill, depending on the type of cubicle system you’re installing.

Cubicles come with the manufacturer’s instructions. Familiarize yourself with these instructions before installing the cubicles. Then, start by assembling the metal and plastic frames of the cubicles. Follow the diagrams to ensure proper alignment. Then, attach the panels or surfaces to the frame.

Next, install the connectors and accessories. Some cubicle designs feature shelves, cabinets, and overhead storage that require installation. Lastly, secure the cubicles to the floor and walls. It isn’t necessary for all cubicle types. The manufacturer’s guidelines should outline if this is necessary.

After setting up the cubicles, check for stability and functionality. Especially any moving parts connected to the cubicles. Finally, do a final inspection and clean the area around the cubicles.


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