Your Simple Guide to Propane Tank Sizes


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Do you own a propane tank, or perhaps more than one? Do you know what size your propane tank is? Did you know that propane tanks come in many different sizes? In fact, that is also what the attached video discusses. From the smallest to industrial-sized tanks, you might be surprised to discover how many sizes of tanks there are in the world of propane. Here is a quick look and overview of propane tanks, their sizes, and a little about their use as we investigate these convenient fuel sources we use every day for everything from heating our swimming pools and water to our homes.

Most of us are familiar with common portable barbecue tanks. These small and easy-to-transport tanks only weigh 20 pounds and hold just under 5 gallons of propane. The numbers from there jump considerably and include the 100lb tank, the 100-gallon tank, the 250lb horizontal tank, the 320lb underground tank, and larger. Propane tanks are used for everything from firing up our grills during the summer to providing fuel for an entire home. In case you were wondering, 1000lb underground tanks are the big boys of residential tanks and should fuel a home for at least an entire year in most cases. If you need propane, then chances are good that there is a tank size that fits your needs.

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