Two Ways A Web Development Company Strengthens A Client’s Presence


Website design company

An estimated 82 percent of Internet users will use search engines to look up small businesses near where they live, while 80 percent of these users will generally stick to organic results and ignore paid ones. At the same time, as much as 88 percent of websites are not optimized, meaning users frequently are missing out on knowing about these companies. It additionally means that companies not utilizing the services of a web development company with optimizing capabilities risk missing these customers, which are growing in droves as more users are using search engines. A professional web development company with ancillary and related services helps to make these strong connections so companies never miss their mark and so consumers always find what they need.

A web development company will do a host of things to improve a client’s presence online, including establishing and maintaining a blog writing service. Blogging has proved to increase the amount of indexed pages, indicators of higher search engine rankings, by about 434 percent. Additionally, businesses utilizing blogging through a professional web design company generally get 55 percent more online visitors to their sites. A web development company additionally handles professional web design services so that clients’ websites are impressive once users get there. A web design company will either create a brand new site for clients or fix the existing sites they have to give them more pop, though normally a professional website design company will start from scratch using its own content management system.

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