How to Take Care of Stormwater Runoff


Storm drainage

Did you know that wrappers of candy and food, cigarette butts, and discarded paper are three of the most common materials caught and filtered out of stormwater runoff by stormwater filters? Without these filters, these items would end up in the pipes and sewers of our towns.

“Point of source water pollution” is pollution that enters a waterway from a single source such as a ditch or a pipe. This includes pipes coming from individual homes. This pollution can be prevented by catch basins or stormwater filters. These catch basin inserts provide the first opportunity to trap stormwater pollution from stormwater runoff, and are able to filter over ninety eight percent of fats, grease, and oil out of stormwater runoff, according to a study conducted by the University of California. They also collect the pollutant items listed above, such as wrappers, cigarette butts, and paper.

Because of this good stormwater management, there is very little point of source pollution entering sewers from domestic locations such as pipes coming from homes. Although it may not seem believable, domestic sewage is only .1 percent pollutants, and 99.9 percent pure water.

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