My Virtual Receptionist


Live answering services

I operate a small business out of my home and I use a telephone call answering service for it. I feel that the live answering services really help me maintain professionalism in my small in house office. Additionally, telephone answering services are much more affordable than an employee. Besides, I do not have enough work for an employee even if I could afford one or had the space and equipment to accommodate one.

Lately my little business has started to grow. I have decided it is time to blow past just phone answering services and it is time for me to consider virtual receptionists. Virtual receptionist services will not only handle my phone calls, but I can also ask him to handle my calendar and scheduling of my appointments. Virtual receptionist services would also allow me to hand off the more simple tasks like mailers and emails. And since virtual receptionist services are staffed by independent contractors, I will not need to pay taxes or be obligated to them in any way. I can utilize virtual receptionist services on an as needed basis. I think it is the perfect next step for me and my growing business.

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