The Often Forgotten, yet Important Factor of Online Marketing


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The marketing industry has recently been moving away from traditional marketing strategies, and towards newer strategies involving online marketing methods. There are many reasons for this change, and most of it is due to traditional marketing efforts such as television, radio, and billboard advertisements simply not being as effective, or as measurable as the opposing online marketing strategies. According to the Search Engine Journal (SEJ), only about 18% of television advertisement campaigns return a positive ROI. Comparatively, the SEJ reports that about 81% of businesses who use online marketing efforts such as blogging, consider the method to be a valuable marketing effort. On average, businesses that blog have an estimated 434% more indexed pages online than those who do not — generating more quality content online, which in turn improves the overall online presence of that business.

Other online marketing tactics such as search engine optimization (SEO) are proving to be more valuable than other marketing efforts, like paid online advertisements. The SEJ reports that 70 percent of links internet users click on are completely organic, and not paid advertisements. Meanwhile, an estimated 70-80 percent of online users completely ignore paid online advertisements. As more business owners begin to realize the value that organic marketing strategies such search engine optimization brings to their business, an important factor within the world of online marketing solutions is frequently forgotten. This factor lies within the presence and professionalism within web development design. While web content development such as SEO and blogging will almost always prove to be beneficial marketing strategies — driving more traffic to your website — if that traffic gets to your website, and the web development design lacks professionalism and a current, yet quality appearance, that traffic will often not convert to sales, as the traffic will simply leave your website due to the poor web development design.

To correct this important, yet frequently forgotten factor of online marketing, new web development solutions must be entertained by businesses who haven’t had their website designed professionally in the last few years. Trends and accepted appearances of websites are constantly changing, and it’s important for a business to keep up with the change. Failing to do so is a waste of marketing efforts, especially if you’re spending money each month on a marketing campaign. You don’t want to be spending money each month to generate traffic to your website, only to see that traffic leave your website once it gets there. See this reference for more.

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