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Buying a digital camera

When you consider the pervasiveness of digital cameras — particularly cellphone cameras — it’s hard to believe that only a century ago color photography was brand new. Actually, color photography during that time was horribly inefficient, unreliable, and expensive. Unless you were among a select few professional photographers you wouldn’t even have access to color photography; and you probably wouldn’t have wanted to.

Today, the average person can take hundreds of photos at will without spending a penny. As we all know, photo paper is pretty much unnecessary for the typical person with a camera phone. This is because social media websites and online photo albums make it more practical, convenient, and cheaper to view your digital photos online than to pay to have them printed. In fact, online sharing is far easier than buying a digital camera and memory card, then turning around and having them developed at local camera stores.

According to the latest statistics, 20% of all digital photos winds up on Facebook, while only about 20% of all digital photos are even printed on photo paper. Considering how easy it is to take perfectly crisp and clear photos with your phone, and easily share them online, it makes you wonder if it’s even worth it to buy digital cameras online, in brick and mortar stores, or anywhere else.

To the contrary, even cheap digital cameras for sale at a discount store are capable of some unbelievable photographic feats. Although you could spend hundreds of dollars on a state-of-the-art digital SLR, the fact is that a basic digital camera vs digital DSLR isn’t really an issue anymore, because a basic digital camera is all anyone but a professional photographer will ever need.

Since they offer far better photos than any cellphone camera, buying digital cameras is still a good idea for anyone who wants to take the best pictures possible. This also means that buying digital cameras is a great gift idea that anyone can appreciate. The bottom line is you no longer have to pay a lot of money for crisp, clear color photos. Get more info here:

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