Glide Up Stairs in Your Wheelchair


Home chair lift

If you are unable to move around without the help of an assistive device like a wheelchair, you understand the importance of mobility for people with a handicap. You need to be able to get around your house, and in and out of buildings, cars, and stores just like everyone else. There are different products that are designed to aid people who require extra help for this reason. Many wheel-chair friendly minivans have either a ramp, which is less expensive, or a powered lift to help people get in and out of a the vehicle. The inclined plane of a ramp allows someone to wheel themselves or be wheeled into a car, or a building without struggling with stairs. In a house, some people install residential elevators, or more often, they employ the use of a stairway chair lift.

The first stairlift was created by a self-taught engineer who wanted to help his friend move from one floor of his house to another. For a wide staircase, the rail is mounted either on the wall next the stairs or on the thread of the stairs. Then a platform or chair is attached to the rail. As the chair moves along the rail, a person is lifted and taken from one location to the next. With a wheelchair, a platform would be the best option and the lift is usually made from sturdier materials to hold the weight of the chair and the person in it. Many people opt for curved stairlifts if their stairway curls around a wall to reach the next floor. This can be expensive because they are rarer than straight stairlifts, and require extra parts.

Even though there are millions of handicapped people around the world, not everywhere is handicap-friendly. In this case, you have to find someone to help you get up and down stairs, or you might just have to simply avoid these places. The importance of mobility often dawns on a person only when they are unable to move around on their own. Until then, many people take their ability to walk and climb for granted. But for those of you who do have a handicap, there are always ways for you to roam freely in your house or around town. Stairlifts, elevators and powered lifts are a few of the best solutions. Helpful research also found here.

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