How Do Braces Straighten Your Teeth?


Orthodontic procedures that involve an orthodontic bracket placement start with the specialist polishing the tooth surface and applying an adhesive to fix the bracket to the tooth. There are various types of braces, from metallic, ceramic, and aesthetic, but a wire is attached to any of these brackets used since it will influence the movement of the tooth.

The attachment of these wires can be in different ways, for instance, elastics, ligatures, or boxes.

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Other additional items help enable specific tooth movement, including traction elastics, springs, and micro-screws; there are marks to guide the orthodontist on how to place them.
A lot of orthodontic issues worsen if untreated. Orthodontic procedures by a specialist to undo the initial process is frequently less expensive than the subsequent dental procedures needed to handle more significant matters that could arise in the future.

No matter your age, orthodontic treatment is always a positive transformation. The most significant aspect in determining the potential outcomes of orthodontic therapy is the condition of your teeth and gums.

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