How Do Elevators Work?


View this video to learn the principle behind the operation of elevators. Most residential and commercial buildings taller than three floors have elevators installed. This equipment offers convenient transportation of people and cargo between floors and is especially helpful for those with disabilities. How do elevators work? Elevators are powered by an electric motor or a hydraulic system. They use a chain, gear, or cable to move up and down the building.

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Elevator maker companies also build hoisting machines that play a key role in operating the elevator. The machine is placed on the rooftop of every building the elevator is installed. It provides the mechanical force necessary to lift the elevator and move it up and down vertically. These machines can either use a gear or be gearless.

Gearless hoisting machines use cutting-edge inverter control to provide smooth acceleration and deceleration of the elevator car. They can operate at fast speeds and have high lifting capacities. Elevators also have safety measures in place in case of emergencies. They have alarms and emergency stop buttons to ensure people can safely exit during emergencies.

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