How Carpeting Companies Produce Carpet


Carpets can be found in many homes all over the world. When we decide on the carpet that we want, carpeting companies will come to our house and install it for us. Before the installation happens, however, the carpet itself has to get made.

Video Source

In this article, we are going to look at how carpet is made.

In the video, “How It’s Made Carpets,” we learn that in the first step of the process bales of nylon are put through a blending machine. We then learn that a carding machine is then used to take the nylon material and organize it into thin bands.

After the bands are produced they get put through another machine to make the thread. The thread that is made is put onto spools, and you now have yarn. The yarn is put through a machine that heats it before it is put back onto different spools.

The spools of thread are now ready to be constructed into the carpet. Many different spools come together to be woven into a carpet. Little by little different machines stich the spoils together until eventually the carpet is made. Unless the carpet needs to be given a different color, the process is complete.


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