Heres Why You and Your Friends Should Become Electrical Contractors


Electrical contractors are are commissioned to work on their clients’ wiring and lighting needs for an office, home, or other facilities. They are not simply electricians, however, and every state has their own training system for becoming an electrical contractor.

Earning money through electrical contracting is one of the key advantages of this work. The average electrician in the United States makes over $60,000 a year, and many are able to make over $100,000 by working overtime.

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But electrical contractors have no ceiling on the potential income they can make.

As business owners, electrical contractors could arguably employ unlimited electricians to perform the work requested by their clients. Rather than having a base salary and a boss to answer to on scheduling and duty-related matters, being your own boss and having multiple teams of employees at your disposal allows for greater freedom and opportunity in your business.

Electrical contractors are similar to master electricians. All that is needed to pursue a career in electrical contracting is a high school diploma. Apprenticeships are offered by many companies to give future contractors early experience and knowledge of the profession.

Check your state’s requirements for becoming an electrical contractor today!

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