How Road Salt is Produced


Road salt is a crucial component of making sure that the roads are safe in cold and icy areas. In this article, we are going to take a look at how the road salt that road salt suppliers use is made.

Road salt not only works to melt ice, but it also stops ice from forming on the road. Before the salt is ready for use it must be gathered from caverns underneath the surface of the earth.

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The clearer the salt the purer it is. In these caverns, chunks of salt are gathered through drilling. The chunks of salt are then crushed into smaller pieces.

The small pieces of the salt are brought above ground to a factory where the final steps take place.

In the factory the salt goes through multiple rounds of sifting. The purpose of the sifting is to find the bigger pieces of salt that need to be broken down further. Another benefit of sifting is that bigger particles that are found can be used in water softening.

Once the sifting is complete the small pieces of salt are ready to keep our roads safe. The process as a whole isn’t that complicated to learn about but there are a lot of machines that are required.


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