How to Choose the Best Residential Roof Repair


This video discusses how to find the best roofing shingles. It explains that while many people want to make their residential roof repair affordable, going with the cheapest job is not always the most cost-effective long-term.

There are some tips provided that help you determine which are the best shingles for your residential roof repair.

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Budget is always a factor. Most likely, you have a budget that you need to stay within, so selecting a shingle that you cannot afford is not advisable.

Roof shingles are not the only item that determines the cost. The square footage of your roof and the cost of local labor impact the overall cost. The average square footage of houses in the U.S. is 2,000 square feet.

Estimates are an important part of the process. You want to see how local contractor prices compare with each other. It is also important to ensure that you are making equal comparisons. For example, you want estimates to be for the same type of shingle and the same exact job.

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