Get the Professional Help You Need to Stop Wage Garnishment


Irs debt relief

Have you ever gone to work and your employer calls you in to tell you that the IRS has garnished your wages? If so, you have just been made subject to the most common type of wage garnishment. IRS wage garnishment is common. People who have had this happen to them tend to go into immediate panic mode. They usually can’t afford to have their wages garnished. If you won’t be left with enough money to live on you should know that there is a way to stop IRS wage garnishment. It usually takes professional help to stop wage garnishment, but it can be done. The best course of action to take if you want to stop wage garnishment is to immediately go to a tax debt relief company and get IRS garnishment help.

One solution to stop wage garnishment is to offer the IRS an “offer in compromise.” This is an IRS program under 26 U.S.C. ยง 7122 that has been made available for people who want to negotiate with the IRS to settle their tax debt. You can settle with the IRS for a lot less than you owe when you go get professional help with back taxes. IRS back taxes help can be found with tax resolution firms today. These companies are helping people who are getting failure penalties imposed on them too. A tax bill you cannot pay is one of the biggest financial stresses a taxpayer faces today.

The very first income tax act to be imposed for a war effort was passed by the United States congress during the civil war in 1862. Wage earners who were making between $600 and $10,000 a year had to pay 3 percent in taxes then. Since then many other tax acts have been passed by congress. There is no way to get out of paying taxes and people who neglect to pay what they owe can end up in all kinds of trouble with the IRS. Besides needing to know how to stop wage garnishment, delinquent tax payers may also be facing a bank levy. This is when the IRS simply puts a levy on your bank account and takes the money out that you owe them. Sometimes a failure to pay tax payer will also have liens put on their property too. Find out how to stop wage garnishment by contacting a tax help company today.

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