How to Promote a Blog


Submit blog free

Many blog sites wish to submit blog free to a host of other sites. That said, who can they submit blog free to? There are many types of blog article directory services that one can submit blog free to. One type of directory one can submit blog free to is a directory on current events. Another bloggers can submit blog free to is trade websites. Yet another bloggers can submit blog free to is issue specific sites. All of these directories mean that someone can blog submit information and have it read easily.

The first type of director one can submit blog free to is a news directory. News directories amalgamate blogs that cover current events. The vast majority of these blogs often cover commentary on such events, usually with a political slant. A few go even farther, though. Some blogs on these directories have hard hitting citizen journalism. For instance, a citizen reporter with a camera phone can cover an uprising in the Middle East just as effectively as a seasoned AP reporter.

Another directory one could submit blog free to is a trade directory. Trade directories are scanned by employees and senior executives of many industries. Take the derivatives industry. This industry values information, and wants seasoned analysts who are blogging. Responsible trade directories will allow these analysts to submit blog freely.

Finally, directories can be issue specific. This can cover a wide range of issues. For instance, many prospective college students seek out blog directories that address admissions. There are also blog directories that cover other interests, such as feng shui, geomancy, augury, Peronist politics, and other things.

Bloggers must always be on the look out for opportunities to self promote. They can do that by getting onto blog directories. Senior executives, traders, merchants, consumers and enthusiasts search out these directories because they realize the information is pure.

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