Different Types of Dentists Found in Chicago


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Almost 99 percent of all Americans said a smile was important in regards to presenting a happy, approachable personality. People in Chicago who wish to maintain this important characteristic can visit a Chicago dentist. There are a number of cosmetic dentists, general dentists, and pediatric dentists in chicago that can help people of all ages maintain a bright, white smile.

A general Chicago dentist is an individual who works to improve oral health, maintain a bright white smile, and keep teeth looking healthy. A general dentist in Chicago will typically perform a number of procedures that range from teeth cleaning, plaque removal, and cavity filling. Other more complex procedures that are performed by a general dentist can include tooth extraction, bridge work, root canals, and even teeth whitening.

Patients who wish to improve or change the appearance of their teeth or smile may want to visit a Chicago dentist who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. A Chicago cosmetic dentist specializes in providing procedures that are specifically designed to help a patient improve their smile. These procedures can include an Invisalign Chicago procedure that is designed to help straighten teeth, veneers which are small shells that are used to cover natural teeth, and dental implants.

Cosmetic dentistry performed by a Chicago dentist is often considered an elective procedure. This means that the 66 percent of all female patients that a cosmetic dentist sees and the over 51 percent of patients between the pages of 41 and 60 who see this Chicago dentist will have to pay for the procedure out of pocket.

The last type of Chicago dentist is a dentist who specializes in pediatrics. Pediatric dentists are often general dentists who specialize in treating younger children. Many people believe that because a child looses their baby teeth they do not need to see a dentist, but considering a child smiles 400 times a day it is very important that they visit a Chicago dentist to keep their smile looking healthy and bright.

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