Do You Have A Fear Of Public Speaking?


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Whether we love it or hate it, most of us are bound to encounter a situation in which it is necessary to speak in front of a large audience of people. However, if you have a fear of public speaking or face public speaking anxiety, don’t worry, you are not alone. Fear of public speaking is actually a very common problem that many people face. In fact, did you know that even highly successful investor Warren Buffett was once afraid, actually “terrified,” in his words, of public speaking? And luckily, there are numerous things you can do to quell your anxieties prior to standing up in front of a large crowd.

First of all, make sure your speech is good and engaging. A tried and true technique for a successful public speaking engagement is to lead with a “hook,” a joke, a statistic, an attention grabbing fact, or personal anecdote. And secondly, keep in mind that if you are preparing a public speech practice is key. You may even want to record yourself giving your speech and then watch the video. This is a sure fire way to improve as you’ll be able to clearly see any flaws or nervous tendencies that might be distracting or unsightly. Also keep in mind that doing some deep breathing exercises before you make your speech can help relax you. And of course, also make sure you are familiar with whatever technology you will be using for your presentation, so that technical difficulties don’t derail your confidence. And lastly, if you are looking for public speaking help to conquer a fear of public speaking you might look into a public speaking course or even consider hiring a public speaking coach.

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