Why Foundations Are Crucial


You couldn’t have a house without a proper foundation. They are what is holding your home up and keeping it from toppling over into a heap. There is a reason why foundation is synonymous with crucial or important. In this video, you will learn more about why buildings need foundations.

Building are made up of many parts. There are many bricks or many pieces of wood that your home consists of.

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Gravity is constantly pulling down on these parts. If one part collapses, it causes undue stress on other parts which could cause a chain reaction that results in parts of the building collapsing. This is why a solid foundation is so crucial. If you suspect that your foundation is compromising the structural integrity of your home, please contact a local business that offers foundation repair services immediately.

Foundations work by attempting to spread out the weight and pressure inflicted by gravity downward into the ground as evenly as possible. This reduces the beforementioned stress and integrity issues. It is a battle between the building and gravity. Sometimes other forces come into play as well. Wind will blow against a building, making it want to fall over. An earthquake will shake a building as well. However, a foundation keeps the building grounded and absorbs these blows.


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