Bail Bonds 101


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Bail bonds are an integral part of the justice system, but how do they work? This video explains what bail bonds are and how bail bondsmen make money.

When someone is arrested they will go to court for arraignment. During the arraignment, the charges are read and the judge sets bail. Bail is a security deposit the defendant makes that they will be refunded after showing up to all of their court dates. At sentencing, the money is returned.

A bail can be paid using cash, but if the defendant cannot afford it, there are other options. A loved one can post bail for you. The defendant or their loved one can also use high-value property like a car or home as collateral against the bail.

A bail bondsman is a third party who is licensed to pay the bail for defendants by posting a bail bond. They charge the defendant around 10% of the bail and put the rest up so the defendant can get out of jail.

If the defendant does not show up for subsequent court dates, the bail bondsman has the authority to arrest the defendant. For more information on bail bonds, check out the video in the link above.

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