Why Biannual Fire Hydrant Repair and Maintenance Is Essential


Fire hydrants are essential to keeping everyone safe in the event of a fire. Without a functional fire hydrant, most municipal firefighters wouldn’t have access to enough water to put out a large fire. In order to ensure fire hydrants are always in good working condition, most municipalities conduct biannual fire hydrant repair and maintenance projects.

The video on this page describes how the City of Bloomington, MN, handles its biannual fire hydrant maintenance projects.

Video Source

First, crews inspect the fire hydrants after the last of the winter snow is gone. Some hydrants may have been damaged during snow removal services. The maintenance technicians check that the hydrants can maintain and release pressure and allow for the free flow of water.

During the summer, they also flush fire hydrants that are at the end of water lines. These hydrants could experience sediment buildup over time if left unflushed.

If the technicians find any problems with the functionality of the fire hydrants, they repair them promptly, ensuring they will be ready for use at any time.

To learn more about fire hydrant repair and maintenance, watch the video in full and reach out to your local fire service.

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