How Drive Over Grain Conveyors Work


Harvest season is one of the most stressful times of year for farmers. While purchasing new equipment is rarely high on a farmer’s list of priorities, some modern equipment improves efficiency so much that it’s worth investing in. One example of that is drive over grain conveyors.

Typically, as farmers harvest grain in the field, they transfer the grain into large trailers.

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While this is fairly efficient, removing the grain from the trailers can be less efficient. Since farmers need to have access to as many empty trailers as is feasible throughout harvest season, removing the grain from the trailers quickly is a priority.

Drive over grain conveyors are designed to empty trailers into grain storage bins as quickly as possible. Simply drive over the conveyer, release the grain onto the conveyer, and watch as it is quickly siphoned into the grain storage bins. The process is quick enough that your crew may be able to haul the same amount of grain with fewer trucks once you get these conveyors.

To learn more about the many benefits of using drive over grain conveyors, watch the video posted above or reach out to agricultural equipment suppliers in your area.

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