What is an LPN?


Wondering what an LPN job is? Let’s start with the acronym. LPN stands for “Licensed Practical Nurse.” This is an entry-level position that takes about a year to achieve.

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You will need at least a GED, or high school diploma, in order to apply to the LPN program. Once your education is finished, you can then take the LPN exam, given by the Board of Nursing in your state, which will then officially license you as an LPN.

Once licensed and working as a nurse, there are several daily tasks you can expect in your routine. Giving injections, monitoring medical equipment, treating wounds, organizing patient charts and schedules, and helping patients with daily hygiene, are just a couple examples of the many responsibilities you will have. Every state is different on what they allow their LPNs to do however it is standard that you will not perform surgery or certain invasive work unless strictly monitored by a registered nurse or doctor.

If being an LPN is not your end goal, the next step would be to become a registered nurse or RN. There are many paths you could take, but if you watch this video, it will supply you with more links and information to help you on your journey.


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