What is an ATU?


If you aren’t educated on the ins and outs of the septic industry, then chances are that you have never heard the term ” ATU“. In fact, an ATU is a popular alternative for a traditional septic system, and is made up of many different parts. When you are considering which septic system to implement into your new home, why not take a look at all of your options? In this video, we will learn all about the ATU septic system alternative.

ATU systems can come in sizes from 500 gallons to 1500 gallons, depending on what project you are using them in. This video shows us a side profile of a 500 tank.

Video Source

The outer tank is made of spun fiberglass, ensuring that it is durable and reliable for countless years. When you are looking at all of the groundbreaking technology in the world of septic systems, ATU systems stand out for. variety of reasons. For one, they can bring your existing leach field back to life, and prevent dangerous buildups from occurring if you install it brand new. Additionally, this system can reduce the size of your drain field up to fifty percent.


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