Effectively Fixing a Cracked PVC Pipe


If you notice a crack in one of the PVC pipes in your home, you may also have a leak problem. This could be costly due to both water damage and also wasted water. You will need to fix this crack as soon as possible. You can hire a professional for plumbing repair or you can try your hand at repairing it yourself. In this video, you will learn how to effectively fix the crack and save yourself some money.

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The crack can be fixed quite easily and quickly. Don’t forget to turn off the main water valve before you begin, otherwise, you could end up with an even larger problem on your hands. You should then clean the damaged pipe and prepare a piece of new pipe to cover the cracked area. You are essentially creating a bandage for the cracked pipe. Cut a slit down the length of the new pipe so that you can pry it open and fit it over the old pipe. Apply some solvent to both pipes to ensure they adhere together effectively with no leaks.


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