What Is a Segmented Carbon Ring Seal?


There are different types of seals, but all do a similar job and work the same way. Design distinguishes one type from another, and the segmented carbon seal is no different. A segmented carbon seal ring is also known as a sea-doo carbon ring. It is made from unique self-lubricating graphite and constructed in three layers bound together on a rater shaft using the garter spring. A tang secures the rings from rotating.

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The assembly provides a waterproof seal.
A segmented carbon ring seal also prevents gas from leaking through the space between static and rotating parts of a device, which can reduce efficiency. It has both industrial and none industrial uses. Aircraft engines, large turbines, and heavy machinery use carbon ring seals. They control the combustion and airflow inside aircraft engines and prevent gas leaks in turbo systems. It ensures optimal performance. Segmented carbon rings also deal with fluid leaks in turbines. The seals need replacement after a period because of wear and damage for better performance.

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