How Do They Steer Drills Underground?


When a project needs pipes or cables to go underground fast, horizontal directional drilling is the solution. It requires a directional borer that drills and guides under the ground from one side to another. The video expounds on how to install underground infrastructure without destroying the environment.

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Horizontal directional drilling is a modern technique that involves the use of heavy machines and advanced technology for underground drilling. It replaces digging trenches. Trenching is disruptive, unsafe, and an environmental contaminant. When you break the earth to make channels, returning the environment and roads to their original condition is impossible.

Horizontal directional drilling does not require digging. It gets cables, sewers, and telephone lines underground. The drilling method plunges the drill from the surface to several feet under the ground from one side to the other. It starts by drilling a hole in the surface to guide the drill bit through.
As the drill bit travels under the earth, a rig on the ground pushes the cable or wires to its final destination. Drilling fluid ensures that the rigs and drill bits work without friction or wear and tear. It requires experienced engineers to operate it effectively.

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