Understanding Risk and Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate


Douglas e fleit

Douglas E. Fleit with American Real Estate Partners is guided by the principals of identifying the opportunities, managing the associated risk, and creating value. In using commercial real as their vehicle, they help find buildings and land that can generate a profit through capital gains or rental income.

When looking at your investment opportunities, your commercial real estate risk is related to the market conditions, the tenants and their potential to renew versus vacate the property. By using a niche commercial real estate partner you can leverage the experience in markets from Douglas E Fleit and his partners. American Real Estate Partners has a single focus of maximizing both the quantity and quality of their portfolio of leasing income.

American Real Estate Partners under the guidance of Douglas E. Fleit, has specific criteria for acquisition and asset management that look towards future income or liquidity in terms of your potential earnings. They have learned the business inside out and from the ground up to understand what commercial tenants want and how to maximize leases. They are further able to structure transactions with upside objectives while creating additional value of their projects, especially for their investors.

With investments over 1.6 billion dollars in more than 50 premier office buildings, Douglas Fleit and his partners have successfully entered the major office markets from the U.S. Eastern seaboard. By cultivating these relationships, they have frequently been able to acquire properties that were off market. Having a personal and proven relationship in various markets gives them an advantage as first movers, sometimes without competition that can affect future returns.

Finally, understanding their market and investment properties, means that they can best assess current value and future potential. Everyone may promise due diligence, but having specialized, niche experience may set them apart for evaluating various commercial deals and acquisitions.
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