Consider Expanding Your Web Services and Becoming an SEO Reseller


Seo resellers

Most all online activities, 93% in fact, start with the use of a search engine. And among search engines, Google is the most dominant, with as much as 70% of the search engine market cornered. With these statistics in mind, it is important for small businesses to make a concerted effort to increase their online visibility and connect more efficiently with possible customers.

That is all the more reason for you to consider expanding your web services business and become an SEOO reseller. In this scenario, you outsource SEO to a third party that acts as the SEO content creator. This group then constructs an Seo reseller program which you can then market to your customers at a higher rate, under your own brand, as private label SEO.

In addition to a quality Seo program, there are supplemental ways to improve your clients’ brands and help them present themselves as viable options for products and services. For example, email marketing is an excellent way for businesses to reconnect with past customers and engage with them about upcoming events or new products that may be of interest to them.

If the content you are creating for messages such as emails are dedicated to a particular field, it is wise to cite your specific product name, as 60% of such content does. Unfortunately, not nearly enough time is spent on this kind of marketing, since 70% of companies take only a few hours each week to devote to email marketing, even though this method can be effective in creating leads.

Is also recommended that your clients include a blog as an integral aspect of their websites. Of companies that produce blogs, 56% of them have earned customers as a result. A blog is also a great way for a business to establish its reputation as an authoritative and respected voice in the field.

If you have questions, comments, or recommendations about SEO reseller programs and how to offer your clients a complete online marketing package, share them in the forum below.

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