Understanding Electronic Cigarettes


Electronic cigarettes are one of the most popular smoking cessation aids these days. People can use them virtually anywhere, even in some restaurants and clubs. They are also way cheaper than the average pack-a-day habit.

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The video “How E-Cigarettes Work” defines electronic cigarettes and how they work.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, are battery-operated devices. They heat a liquid mixture of nicotine, propylene glycol, and flavorings creating vapor for the user to inhale. There are several different brands on the market today. Some electronic cigarettes have more than just three main ingredients. That said, the main chemical in these tobacco products that encourage smokers to use their product is nicotine.

The product acts on brain cells similar to those of cocaine. Using electronic cigarettes does not help to quit smoking. Instead, you are just replacing nicotine with artificial chemicals in a vapor form. E-cigarettes are now available to the public around the world. That said, many people have no idea how they work. When you inhale on your device, air travels through a hole known as an air inlet into a tube. In the tube, it will come into contact with your e-liquid.

It will then travel up through the wick and finally reach the coil for vaporization. The vapor is then drawn through another tube with holes before you inhale it. Electronic cigarettes are free from secondhand smoke. You must understand how they work if you plan to use them. In addition, it will help to figure out what ingredients to look out for when shopping for this product.


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