The Different Types of Electricians


Trade jobs, especially those in the electrical field, have a high expected job and salary growth rate over the next ten years. This means that now is one of the best times to consider a career as an electrician.

Electricians understand how power systems work and can identify and deal with any electrical problems in the home and commercial settings. Most people don’t know that there are many types of electricians and that electricians are needed almost everywhere.

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After graduating from a trade or electrical school, people consider the following positions as an apprentice or employee: automation technician, industrial electrician, solar installer, etc.

Each of these positions requires a specialized base of knowledge only gained from on-the-job skills as an apprentice. For example, an avionics technician installs and upkeeps electrical engines and components in airplanes. Wind turbine specialists repair and develop wind turbines to store wind and transmit electrical outputs from wind energy. A substation technician surveys the substations that send electricity throughout a town or city to ensure no outages.

Electricians often become specialists with whatever they work with by learning the intricacies of specific products and machines. By leveraging experience, technical know-how, and dedication, people can have a lucrative career as any of these types of electricians.


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