Ultimate Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring


Buying the perfect engagement ring is a journey unique to everybody. It’s a personal decision determined by various factors such as budget, knowledge, and taste. This process is easier for people being assisted by people who’ve bought rings previously, but for people who haven’t bought custom-designed engagement rings, the following tips should help:

People should know the style their significant others love. According to the narrator in the video, there are probably half a dozen major cuts, from round cuts, also known as brilliant, to emerald cuts, princess cuts, and heart shape cuts.

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Something else people should know when buying engagement rings is the ring size perfect for their soon-to-be spouses. It can be embarrassing when someone buys a ring and goes down on one knee only for the ring to be the wrong size.

People should also know the diamond basics when buying engagement rings which also apply to most gemstones, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, etc. These basics are known as the 4C’s, and they include the cut, color, clarity, and carat. Another thing to consider when buying custom-designed engagement rings is the metal. There are numerous metals used on rings, including platinum, silver, white gold, yellow gold, etc.


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