Top Three Things You Should Know Before Setting Up Your First Dorm Room


Dorm room organization

Whether you are a college freshman or a seasoned student, you might need help with dorm room organization. Small spaces can be particularly difficult to not only keep clean, but to maximize the accessibility of the space. Before you start shopping for dorm room supplies or dorm room essentials, read these tips and tricks to make sure that you are not wasting money on items that you will not use.

1. With such a limited amount of space, especially if you have to share a room, one of the best things to do it get creative with your storage solutions. One of the things that you might not have ever though of is using chair pockets. These fit on the back of your desk or computer chair and can be used to store things that you need close at hand. This can also free space in the likely limited drawer, shelf, and closet space that you have access to.

2. If you have the option to loft your bed, do it. Even if it is just enough to make enough storage space underneath, it is well worth it. There are plenty of totes and containers that are made specifically to fit under beds. You can keep things that you might not need everyday access, but are still important enough to keep in your dorm with you.

3. Speaking of keeping things that you deem important, before you move into your dorm, you should evaluate everything that you plan to bring. One of the mistakes that freshman tend to make is bring too much stuff to their dorm when they first move in. If you do not use it at home, odds are that you will not need to use it at college. Be strict with the items that you allow yourself to bring with you. You can always bring more of your belongings later if you miss something. It is a lot easier than having things that you do not have space for in the first place.

Before you make your way to your dorm, be sure to have a plan for your dorm room organization so that you do not end up spending more money than you have to. Save that money for fun college trips and the like. See more.

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