Things to Consider When Considering a Day Care Provider For Your Child


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As a new mother returning to her career, I need to find a great day care provider, but I was mortified at some of the nightmare accounts that I had heard of over the years. Thankfully, my friends and family came to my rescue and gave me some advice about selecting the right daycare and preschool for my childcare needs.

First, they told me I should interview the day care provider. I should ask them questions like, is there an opening for my child? How many children do you care for? How much do you charge and when is the bill due? How much childcare experience do you have? These answers will give you much more information than just what is on the surface. For example, if they do not have a straight and direct answer about bill payment, then this shows how poorly organized they are, which speaks volumes about their day care abilities.

Another good way to find a day care is to ask around for recommendations. Ask people whom you trust for info on the best day cares available. This will be sure to give you better results than just searching the web for “preschool union city” or “Union City day care program.”

If you have any other tips about finding a good day care provider, please share them in the comments. Or if you have any interesting stories or experiences, please share those, too. I would love to hear what you all have to say. Read more:

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