Benefitting Everyone With A Group Health Benefit Plan


Health insurance

A whopping 60 percent of Canada’s business owners who were recently surveyed say they are worried about the quality of the health plans that they make available to their employees. This high percentage is startling to some, since 98 percent of the country’s companies are smaller companies with between two and 100 employees. Covering these employees for their health care needs is a real and dire need, and lots of company owners are sweating over the programs they provide. But luckily, there is an answer that often allays their concerns: a group health benefit plan.

With a group health benefit plan provided through any of the major health insurance companies that operate in Canada, health insurance for small businesses is more possible. These health plans cover employees for when they are sick or injured, and they accommodate through offering ample coverage whenever possible. They also adhere as closely as possible to the tenets of the Canada Health Act, or CHA, which was adopted originally in 1984 to specify both the criteria for and the conditions surrounding the programs made available in the country’s various territories and provinces. It basically makes health insurance for small business and for other areas as well to comply with these regulations so federal payments and transfers can be made under Canada’s Health Transfer program.

With a group health benefit plan, all employees within a company will be covered in much the same way. This cohesiveness gives benefits for employees that will help them out in health care related situations large and small. This includes early detection and preventive care as well, which are deemed highly important by Canada’s nationwide health care system. These measures include annual checkups, which are strongly encouraged to help extend a person’s life and overall wellness and to help decrease the overall costs for health care services.

A group health benefit plan also covers things like general surgery, which is unbelievably important for today’s employees. There also are other services available through a group health benefit plan, which include psychotherapy, dental surgery, and laboratory testing. These services combine to include both preventive measures and ones that should help to eradicate disease or manage it. A group health benefit plan, then, basically covers employees within a company almost identically, though there are areas in which employees can sometimes make customized programs to suit their own health care needs. All in all, these plans aim to allay the fears that today’s employers in Canada have about insuring their employees.

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