The Differences Between the C13, C14, C19, and C20 Power Cords


When you need power cords for your business or for industrial items in your home, you need to understand the differences between the C13, C14, C19, and C20 power cords. Keep reading to learn more before you purchase your next power cord!

These cords come in different colors in order to help businesses and homeowners differentiate between cords when there are many in the same area. These cords also come in different sizes.

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You might need them for an industrial vacuum or your data center. With something like a data center, you’ll have many cords overlapping. The color coding can help make sure that you don’t accidentally unplug the wrong cord and lose important information.

Want to learn more about these cords and their uses? Watch the video in this article! It provides some more insight into the differences between the cord types and sizes. You can also call a custom power cord company to ask about their inventory. These professionals will know which type of cords are best for your needs. Don’t hesitate to find a new solution for your cord needs. Call a cord company today to get started with an order.

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