The Difference Between All those Numbers, Getting to Know Motor Oil


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The Society of Automotive Engineers standardized the motor oil market by grading oil viscosity and making it easier for motor oil manufacturers to give you what you need. The trick then becomes simple as knowing what you need. The most popular viscosity gradings are 0, 5, 10, 15, and 25. The W suffix, which is often seen on many motor oils, stands for winter. Winter optimized motor oil will be able to work well in cold weather conditions.

These different grades of viscosity are now made available with more options than ever. Those options come in the form of differing motor oil types.

In order to pick the right oil for the job, you will need know a little about engine oil. There are various kinds of motor oil. Each different motor oil has different properties making it more or less right for use in your engine. These differing kinds of oil include conventional oil, premium conventional oil, Full-synthetic oil, synthetic blend oil and high mileage oil.

Conventional motor oil is the run of the mill standard oil, which is used in bulk in many dealerships and auto stores.
Premium conventional oil is the standard oil of new cars and most motor oil manufacturers make this type of oil available in the most common viscosities. A few grades up, full synthetic motor oil is best used in high tech engines. These motor oils flow better in low temperatures and have the ability to provide better lubrication throughout the sue of the oil. Unfortunately this motor oils can be pricey, brining in charges that are nearly three times that of the conventional motor oil option. On the other hand, high mileage oils cater to the needs of motorists who own cars with over 75,000 miles on them.

The good news is that manufacturers will list what oil is required for their model cars. These listings can make it easy to find the motor oil that any given car may need. When doings so, be certain that the motor oil manufacturers of your choice have a seal of approval from the API or American Petroleum Institute. This seal of approval can help you identify those oils that meed proper motor oil standards, and will be able to ensure that your car run as best as possible.

Finally, if you plan to swap out your current motor oil for another options, then be careful to dispose of it in the proper way. Improper disposal of motor oil can deplete water of oxygen, and kill the animals, such as fish and frogs that are living in it. This is no drop in the pond. The used motor oils of one oil change can negatively affect one million gallons of water.
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