The Diamond Statement Ring Process


Diamond statement rings are beautiful pieces of jewelry that steal attention. There are so many different kinds of diamond rings, but how are they made? In this article, we are going to look at the process of making diamond statement rings.

The first part of the process involves getting the metal ready. Whatever metal you are going to use is taken and put together for melting.

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The metal is then melted down under extreme heat. Once the metal is completely melted it is then put into a mold to shape the ring.

Once the metal is cooled down it is stretched into a long wire. This step is important because it is where you can size the ring. In this part of the process, the metal rod is put through different machines until it has the right thickness.

In the final parts of the process the metal rod is bent into a circle to make the ring. The jeweler then has to solder the two ends so that they come together. After the ring is soldered it is ready to be completed. The final design pieces are added to the ring here. This could mean diamonds or any other stone that you want on your ring.


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