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Did you know that the search engine industry is worth approximately 16 billion dollars? This only goes to show how cemented search engines are in our culture. Now, we use them to find whatever information we need instantaneously. This has helped to make the Internet the largest marketplace in the world. According to Forrester Research, they expect online sales to grow from about seven percent overall retail sales to close to nine percent of 2016, which is really saying something.

That being said, you can use search engines to market your company. The trick is to get your website on the first SERP (search engine results page) of certain key words that relate to your business. This is because three quarters of people who perform an Internet search find exactly what they look for right there, and have no need to go past it. That means the millions, possibly billions, of other search engine results go completely unnoticed. Only the top ten survive, and most users will only click on the first result!

So how do you do that? The answer is simple. You optimize your website for search engines. Now you think that this is easier said than done, which is true, but there is good news. You can outsource this need!

That is precisely what private label SEO is for. Basically, as a marketing company who needs an online marketing campaign created for a client, or if you are just a business that needs help getting their message heard online, you approach the SEO reseller program to hash out exactly what you want and how much it will cost.

The private label SEO plan can build you a streamlined website (or fix your old one) and will then create keyword dense content that you can repackage as your own, like writing your name on a blank label (hence the name, private label SEO). This content is then shared and spread throughout social media, which not only serves to boost your search engine ranking, but also helps to create a buzz about your business.

Social media is great for businesses, too. Ninety four percent of social media marketers track the number of fans and followers, because this is a direct indicator of their businesses growth in popularity. Also, there are about 30 percent of businesses outsource at least a portion of their social media marketing, up from 28 percent in 2011, which proves how effective the strategy of using private label SEO is.

If you need help making your company more visible online, then you should definitely consider a private label SEO program. I know it has worked for my business, and I would recommend a private label SEO for anyone who needs help generating a buzz for their company.

Do any of you readers have any experience working with a private label SEO company? What was that like? Please share your stories and experiences about working with a private label SEO program in the comments!

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