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Byod solution

There is a push in many companies to bring your own device to work. Many IT departments and computer heavy jobs used to set employees up with particular computers with pre-programmed job-related software. But those times are changing. It might have something to do with the face that more than have of IT employees would prefer to choose their own devices to work on. Since most people are using their mobile devices and computers to take care of many aspects of their personal life, why wouldn’t they want to use them for work? Also, the bring in your own device method can lead to added visibility, less paperwork, and it can also foster greater productivity since the employee is already familiar with his or her own device.

The byod strategy has been adopted by several companies but there have been several areas of concern regarding managing the data on these devices. While pre-programmed computer and laptops that companies provide will have all the firewalls and security measure in place to protect the company’s data, almost a third of employees using their own devices say that their computer is not encrypted. Without encryption, a company’s data is open to hackers. While there are some byod policies that require employees to password-protect their devices and install remote programs that erase company data if the device is lost, this is not always a guarantee. Of all the companies that use a byod strategy, only a fourth of them take an active role in managing how an employees device treats data. That leaves 75% of companies to internet sharks.

Even with the risks, a simple byod mobile security provision can provide companies with the security they need to protect their company. Navigating unfamiliar desktops, keys and programs on a generic computer can make the work experience boring and time consuming. Save your company thousands of dollars on equipment and allow your employees to feel successful sitting in front of their own devices. Research more here:

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