Do Not Mess with the Law


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Most people are familiar with lawyers whether it be from personal experience or because they have seen them depicted in movies and TV shows. In the United States, there were 1,225,452 licensed attorneys as of April 2011. Unfortunately, the legal profession is not reflective of the general American population. Almost 90% of lawyers are white and only 30% are women. In order to become a lawyer, a person must typically attend law school for three years and then pass an exam called a bar.

Lawyers are typically divided into two specialties: criminal lawyers and civil lawyers. Criminal lawyers deal with the criminal justice system. Trials are key for criminal lawyers. During a criminal trial, the lawyers representing the accused are called the defense lawyers while the lawyers who represent the state are called the prosecution.

Trials are not nearly as important for civil lawyers. This is because much of the work civil lawyers do involve drafting and reviewing documents like contracts, lease agreements, deeds, wills, trusts, commercial agreements, etc. Occasionally, there are disputes that arise over civil, i.e. non criminal, matters. In this case, the offended party will have his lawyer sue the offending party. This process commences litigation. However, only a small percentage of these cases will actually make it before a judge because most parties agree to settle outside of court. Two of the most common types of civil cases involve personal injury and medical malpractice.

If you are in need of lawyers for malpractice in Libertyville, fear not because there are many fine Libertyville malpractice attorneys. The same is true of Libertyville personal injury attorneys and Libertyville criminal attorneys. The best way to find a lawyer is look in the yellow pages or search online. Either can direct you to the best Libertyville malpractice, personal injury, or criminal attorneys. More information like this.

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